ASCA (Jordan) Holds "Finance for Non-Financials" Training Course



AMMAN- The Arab Society of Certified Accountants ASCA (Jordan) held a training course for a group of employees at Dar Al Omran company in Amman, Jordan entitled "Finance for Non-Financials". During the course, participants were introduced to the basic concepts of accounting and modern financial management to enable them to deal with the outputs of the financial accounting system with confidence and a better understanding of their meanings, as well as the basic financial statements and how to deal with them to analyse the financial health of a company or institution according to a proposed approach to achieve this objective. In addition to training participants on how to obtain financial information and use them to analyse the effectiveness and financial efficiency of the company for the purposes of planning, control and performance evaluation. At the end of the course, participants stressed that the training topics were in line with their requirements and practical needs.