The International Arab Society of Certified Accountants (IASCA) participates in a workshop in Petra University


Amman- The IASCA has participated in an awareness workshop that was held for the students of the accounting department in Petra University about “The Importance of professional certificates and training courses for university students.” The workshop aims at qualifying and providing the students with a professional and practical training before graduation in order to enable them starting out in the labor market with confidence and readiness. Students will be graduated with a professional experience along with the academic education they received at the university.    

During the workshop, The IASCA has provided a detailed explanation about the professional certificates in accounting, auditing, and relevant sciences including a variety of certificates presented by the IASCA such as:

By the end of the workshop, the lecturers of the accounting department have assured the importance of these certificates and training courses along with the students’ need to be enrolled in such courses before setting out to the labor market. The participants inquired about the professional certificates and their importance in the labor market.

This workshop is one of the workshops presented by the IASCA in order to raise awareness among students of various universities and to enable them gaining the required skills that enhance their competiveness in the labor market.