IASCA Holds ‘International Arab Certified Management Accountant’ Training Course



AMMAN – The International Arab Society of Certified Accountants (IASCA) organized a digital training course entitled ‘International Arab Certified Management Accountant’ certificate (IACMA) through Microsoft Teams App.

The course aimed to qualify participants for the highest levels in the field of management accounting to enable them to analyze financial statements in accordance with financial reporting standards, and risk management to increase their knowledge in multiple areas of management, financial accounting, cost accounting, economics, and finance. During the course, participants were introduced to several topics, including:

Paper One: ‘Financial Accounting and Costs’, which includes: (Introduction to the Basics of Financial Accounting and Financial Reporting, Accounting Processes related to Inventory Adjustments, Inventory and Non-Current Assets, the Concept and Introduction to Costs…etc).

Paper Two: ‘Management Accounting and Financial Accounting’, which includes: (the Nature, Objectives and Analysis of Financial Statements, Sources of Funding for Financial Institutions, Capital Management and Structuring, Preparing Budgets…etc.).

The IACMA certificate mainly allows participants to obtain a certificate of accreditation for their expertise to support them in performing their administrative tasks correctly and through a scientific and advanced approach. At the end of the course, electronic certificates of attendance were given to all participants after ensuring their readiness to take the certification exam.