Training Courses Conducted in January 2024



AMMAN- In January 2024, the Arab Society for Certified Accountants (ASCA) conducted diverse training programs, encompassing:

  • 1-Corporate Governance 

    Attendees were acquainted with governance and the framework governing the management and control of entities. Governance was presented as a mechanism to bolster accountability and transparency, bringing about the following advantages:-

    • Governance fosters optimal resource utilization, facilitates sustainable growth, and promotes productivity within entities.
    • Governance diminishes the cost of capital for entities, streamlines control processes and supervision, and attracts external investments.
  • 2-Transfer Pricing (pricing of transactions)

    Participants were briefed on the transfer pricing system, its objectives, and the imperative role of auditors in ensuring tax diligence. This involves obligating tax auditors to adhere to fair pricing in transactions, aligning with international practices specified in a legislative framework. Such measures prevent discrepancies and disputes with taxpayers while reinforcing transparency and disclosure of stakeholder transactions, ultimately contributing to tax justice. The initiative also aims to unify and define the legislative and technical framework for the tax treatment of related party transactions, encompassing both taxpayers and auditors.

  • 3-Financial Statements Analysis

Financial statement analysis involves assessing the financial standing of different entities. The accountant, in executing a set of responsibilities, analyzes gains and losses, tracks management decisions, and plays a role in preparing financial statements.

Participants from diverse regions across the Arab world have enrolled in the training course due to their keen interest in the program's primary goal, which is to attain an officially recognized certificate in several Arab countries. This certification is crucial for the pursuit of a career in the accounting and auditing profession.