ASCA Issues Its Annual Report for 2023


AMMAN - The International Arab Society of Certified Accountants (IASCA) issued its special annual report for 2023. The report reviews IASCA’s activities, accomplishments, and conferences it participated in and organized.

Such activities complement IASCA’s previous achievements over the years to build the Arab capabilities in the accounting profession across its various branches and disciplines. That is in addition to the efforts exerted by IASCA to expand its services, and keep pace with the most recent trends in accounting to become on top of the international professional organizations.  

In a statement made by Mr. Salem Al-Ouri, IASCA executive director, he emphasized, “The annual report helps us realize the progress we achieve year after year, as it crystallizes our future vision and goals, and sheds light on the steps we take to turn this vision into tangible reality. The report documents and details our progress and the challenges that we managed to overcome”.

Mr. Al-Ouri added, “Through the efforts of an efficient and highly disciplined team, IASCA managed to adapt to the radical changes that the whole world is going through, and turned negative events into creative ideas, because the team adopted new methods appropriate to address the changes that the world witnesses.”

HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, chairman and founder of IASCA, in a previous comment, stated:

“IASCA, since its establishment, has achieved various accomplishments and aims at turning the ambitions into reality... Shorty, I would like to say that, thanks to God and the sincere efforts of our team, and because we believe in our professional mission, we will stick to achieving our goals that stem from our responsibility towards enhancing the Arab accountancy profession. We do our best to develop our capabilities to achieve our goals, and we continuously aspire to have a generation of Arab accountants trained, qualified, and equipped with professional capabilities to serve our countries and nations.”