A Clean Environment for Smart Living



  • 14-Sep-2020

    A Clean Environment for Smart Living

    “Pandemic and Environmental,” Two Crises Shape One Threat!
    Talal Abu-Ghazaleh

    There is no doubt that Global Warming is the biggest threat, our world is facing today due to its impact on the environment. With Global Warming, both Poles are warming quite quickly, causing the ice to melt that will lead to the increase in the water level and in turn causes changes to the topographic map of the Earth.
    Tackling the “disturbance in the purity of the environment” and the relationship between the environmental damage and the earth inhabitants who prioritize their interest over the environment’s, is a pressing  subject nowadays which makes us worry about the future of our world as we witness the negligence by officials and stakeholders in controlling bad practices to the level of threatening our own existence on this Earth.
    And, we might as well, while discussing the inevitable “threat of climate change ", recall what I said a year and a half ago about environmental threat. As we today face another threat, the corona virus, many compare the urgency of each, and where do we need to place our focus.  
    Bill Gates, the knowledge leader’s known fight against the two threats warns of the human-made environmental catastrophe. “Climate change is a bigger disaster for the world than the Coronavirus that caused huge losses to the global economy. As awful as this pandemic is, climate change could be worse.” He said.

    In an article I published in May 2019, I indicated that the world has taken several measures to address the coming "environmental threat". But they are merely remedial and might only slow the impact of this threat through stopping the use of pressurized liquids and replacing the non-degradable plastic with paper materials.     
    The striking reality is that we are facing an immense problem that the world can no longer ignore. More frightening is the difficulty of finding the right solutions.

    Our daily life, simple or complex as it may be, has adapted to the huge quantity of modern tools produced by factories around the world. Giant industries and their massive produce, are the main cause behind such a problem, mainly dangerous gas emissions that destroy the environment.

     This week, I was interested to read a statement by Bill Gates comparing between the losses caused by the Coronavirus and the expected losses from the climate change and global warming. He said “The mortality rate of Coronavirus is at about 14 deaths per 100,000, while the mortality rate due to rising global temperatures is expected to reach the same within the next 40 years and will increase about 5 times by the year 2100. 

    Gates’ words confirm what I said earlier. It may help resolve two issues: First, debunk the "conspiracy theory related to the Coronavirus," particularly the claim that he stands behind it" and that he wants to “depopulate 15% of the Earth's population by vaccinating them”. 

    Second, is his assertion that we are facing an environmental crisis which is as dangerous as the corona pandemic, except that the first, the environmental issue, is of our own making. 

    Societies around the world must understand that we need to protect the environment, despite resulting possible profit loss caused to greedy industries. Remember what the German “Volkswagen" company did to the environment in the emissions-cheating scandal which led the company to be persecuted and pay billions of dollars in fines for its intolerable crime. 

    How can this be corrected! when the US President himself even denies the existence of the problem, considering it a Chinese invention made to harm American industries. The US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Treaty has been cause of major concern, indeed worry, to the rest of the world.

    The withdrawal put all of us in front of a game of interests and profit protection, which was revealed right after, in the shape of warnings published in the US and international newspapers. “The world will end in 12 years” warned US House of Representatives member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, if the danger is not adequately and seriously addressed. 

    The causes for this "environmental threat" are well known, and so are the causes for this "pandemic threat”. We need to activate the United Nations International Standards of Accounting and Reporting (UN ISAR), which I was assigned to lead in 1999 by the UN Secretary-General where we placed for such a purpose “Accounting Standards for Environmental Responsibility.” 

    Some of these Standards were mentioned during a seminar entitled "Environmental Supervision in the Arab World" held within the activities of the World Economic Forum, in Jordan in 2019. Activists discussed the importance of "protecting the environment,” by curbing everything that  could harm the "climate balance," focusing on renewable energy, the gradual abolition of the traditional polluting energy, and spreading the culture of the importance of "waste recycling", in addition to others. 

    Finally, it is time to support a team of "Artificial Intelligence Experts (AIE);" to create smart solutions that would reduce the impact of harmful industrial exhausts, making them non-toxic under the slogan "A Clean Environment for Smart Living.”