Training Courses of September 2021



AMMAN – The Arab Society Certified Accountants (ASCA Jordan) held “the Fundamentals of Internal Auditing and the Development of Policies” training course, through an interactive and live broadcast, where the following topics were discussed and explained: 


  • The Basic Concepts of Internal Auditing, Internal Control, and Risk-based Auditing. 

  • The Structure and Management of Internal Audit Departments.

  • Professional Basics and Standards that Govern the Internal Auditing Process.

  • The Concepts, Competencies, and Methods Needed for the Implementation of Internal Audit with the Highest Levels of Efficiency and Competence using the most Advanced Methods based on the Assessed Risks. 

  • How to Write Audit Reports Efficiently and Effectively?

    ASCA Jordan has also held a training course titled “Advanced Financial Analysis”. The training course was interactive and live broadcast, and the following were discussed and explained: 

  • The Financial Analysis, its Importance, and the Types of Financial Analysis.

  • Understanding and Analysis of the Financial Statements of an Entity, and the Financial Ratios (Liquidity, Debts, Profitability, Operation).

  • Sources of Finance and the Utilization of Resources.

  • Analysis and Importance of Cash Flows.

  • Types of Financial Analysis (Horizontal, Vertical, Time Series)

  • Analysis of Current Asset Management, and the Long-term Financial Positions.

It is worth noting that the participants in the digital training courses, provided by ASCA, can attend the lectures even after they end through the recordings allowed by the system of the digital training courses. Participants can also obtain electronic certificates of attendance and ask questions that will be answered by the best experts in the Arab world to achieve the required results.