Mission and Vision and objectives


Seek to develop accounting sciences as well as associated or consequential principles applied to all or some professional services rendered by accountants, take the necessary actions to improve accounting and auditing sciences and provide accounting and professional services both to members and Arab citizens.
Promote competence, practice and professional conduct up to the highest professional standards.


To make the scientific and professional role of ASCA (Jordan) at the forefront of recognized international accounting and professional bodies.

To issue publications in Arabic language which is much more widespread.

To make sure that the holder of ASCA training certificates is one of the competent professionals in accounting who contributes to promoting the accounting profession and role in service of ASCA (Jordan) and the community.

Develop the science of accounting, as well as related or associated principles
Develop the level of efficiency, practice and conduct of our members to the highest professional levels and maintain their professional autonomy

Encourage and facilitate dissemination and exchange of information on professional matters among both members and non-members through holding conferences, meetings and special seminars and issuance of periodicals and professional publications.