ASCA (Jordan) continuously and diligently seeks to realize its vision of promoting professional competencies and achieving desired objectives. In accordance with its professional mission in preparing and qualifying staff members, ASCA (Jordan) initiated training activity and professional accounting qualification represented by the “Arab Certified Public Accountant (ACPA)”, organized training courses for obtaining the professional qualification of a “Jordanian Certified Public Accountant” (JCPA) and organized, in cooperation with several Arab professional and academic parties, other supporting financial and accounting courses, as well as various training programs.

For the purposes of training and qualification, training programs are divided into the following categories:-

  • Training Courses:  Courses that aim at promoting the professional competence of staff and developing their capabilities in various accounting fields.
  • Professional Qualifications (ACPA and  JCPA): ASCA developed many professional qualification programs related to accounting, auditing and administrative and financial issues, with a view to providing the market with qualified professionals to work in these fields.
  • Contractual Courses: In addition to the training courses and programs included in the training plan, ASCA management welcomes applications from public and private institutions, banks and companies regarding the design and implementation of targeted accounting training courses.