Translated Publications

ASCA (Jordan) is a specialized body of elite Arab accountants and a professional not-for-profit accounting body that aims at advancing accountancy, management and other relevant subjects at all member states of the Arab League. ASCA also aims at maintaining accountants’ professional independence, ensuring their protection and applying standards of professional supervision to accountants as a means of promoting accounting and auditing. ASCA (Jordan) was officially mandated by IFRS Foundation, IFAC and Wiley (an American company) to prepare IASs, IFRSs, International Standards on Auditing, Assurance and Professional Code of Ethics and IPSAS. In addition, ASCA was appointed by these international organizations as the sole Arab entity to translate into Arabic and distribute all publications issued by them in the Arab world on a periodic basis in order to facilitate understanding and application of those standards by professional practitioners of accounting and auditing. ASCA also participated in the development of control standards related to the performance of accountants and members of professional associations, institutions and organizations that are members of the International Federation of Accountants to secure good performance, as well as compliance with relevant international standards and practices.