• Our Objectives

    Develop the science of accounting, as well as related or associated principles
    Develop the level of efficiency, practice and conduct of our members to the highest professional levels and help them maintain their professional autonomy

    Encourage and facilitate dissemination and exchange of information on professional matters among both members and non-members through holding conferences, meetings and special seminars and issuance of periodicals and professional publications

    ASCA Jordan
  • Our Mission

    Develop the science of accounting, as well as related or associated principles applicable to all or some of the professional services provided by accountants, spare no efforts in advancing the sciences of accounting and auditing, and provide accounting and professional services to our members and all Arab citizens.

    Develop the level of efficiency, practice and professional conduct  of Arab Accountants the highest professional levels.

    ASCA Jordan
  • Our Vision

    To have the scientific and professional role of ASCA (Jordan) at the forefront of recognized international accounting and professional associations.

    Eenable the holders of the training certificates of ASCA (Jordan) to be accounting professionals who contribute to the advancement of accounting profession and enhancement of its role in the service of the community.

    ASCA Jordan
  • IACPA Qualification

  • IFRS Expert Qualification

  • IACMA Qualification

  • IPSAS Expert Qualification

  • Examinations Schedule for 2024

  • Publications

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    • Anti-Money Laundering Guide
    • International Financial Reporting Standards 2014
    • Handbook of International Quality Control, Auditing, Review
    • International Public Sector Accounting Standards
    • The Vest Pocket (Guide to IFRS)
    • Guide to Using ISAs in the Audits of small- and Medium-Sized
    • Guide to Quality Control for Small- and Medium-Sized Practices
    • IFRS for SMEs
    • International Financial Reporting Standards
    • Guide On Legal Retention Period For Books Of Accounts And ...
  • Training Courses

    Specialized Courses in:-

    Auditing, Accounting

    And  Related Subject

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