Completion of the CIMA Qualifying Course


MMAN - The Arab Society of Certified Accountants, ASCA (Jordan), concluded the qualifying course for the Certificate in Islamic Commercial Law (CIMA) organized for a group of employees from the Central Bank of Libya.

During the training course, subjects related to Islamic Commercial Law and its sources were discussed along with the methodologies used to solve the modern dilemmas of Islamic financing and old Islamic contracts.

The training course also addressed the topic of Islamic banking and the developments in the financial Islamic systems, as well as the main sources available for banks and financial institutions and issues related to underwriting, financial deficit/surplus, and Retakaful, in addition to the common risks in the insurance and banking sector.

The training course included practical case studies and applications about financial reporting, classification and analysis of financing processes, and how to report the transactions that adopt different financing contracts in Islamic financial statements.

It is worth noting that ASCA always strives to develop the accounting and management disciplines and the relevant principles applicable to some/all professional services. Moreover, ASCA seeks to enhance the competence, practices, and behaviors of accountants to attain the highest professional levels through its interest in accounting publications and by following-up on the most recent advances in accounting and auditing.