Benefits of Membership

Membership of the Arab Society of Certified Accountants brings many privileges, the most important of which are:-

  • Discounts on publications and training programs. Members get a discount not less than 10% on the purchase of each professional publication issued by the Society or on the participation fee for training programs that are held by the Society.
  • • Each member, upon paying the annual membership fees, will get the most recent translated copy of the issues of the International Standards for the preparation of financial reports, the International Accounting Standards in the Public Sector, the issues of the International Standards for Auditing and Quality Control, or book and guidelines of the International Standards for the Preparation of Financial Reports.
  • Committed members will get a discount of 20% for studying at Talal Abu- Ghazaleh College of Business.
  • The Society opens the way for those who have ideas and opinions to publish their views on the website.